Patient restraint systems​:

​With the onset of the new SAE patient restraint standards for ambulances, squads in VT, MA, and CT must choose either the Stryker Power Load, or the Ferno Stat Trac, to meet that requirement.  We provide in-station installation for either product based on your need.

Heat / AC System repairs: 

A properly operating HVAC system is crucial in providing a comfortable environment for your crew and patients.  Whether it is the A/C or the heater we have the training to ensure a comfortable working environment.

Oxygen system inspection/ repairs: 

Having a reliable oxygen system is paramount to an emergency vehicle in service.  We can assist you with any issues or repairs needed for your oxygen system, and ensure it is in proper working condition for emergency situations.

Emergency lights: 

Emergency vehicle lights are one of the major indicators to others on the road that an emergency vehicle is coming.  Having your lights running efficiently is always a priority concern and we have plenty of experience working with all different types of lighting.


We have what it takes to get your emergency vehicles siren sounding the way it should again, whether it's the head and drivers, the Howlers, or the air horns.


Everything from seats, locks, doors, cot mounts, cabinet doors and latches. Link and Kelderman air ride parts and service, as well as Onspot chains parts and service.


Entire 12 volt system and Shore power 110 volt system diagnosis and repairs.  Chargers, inverters, auto ejects, and batteries to name a few. 

Custom Installations: 

Looking to make a change or upgrade your emergency vehicle?  We can perform custom installations for almost every application, right in your station.

Additional Installation and Repair Services include:

Cameras/GPS, Power Entry Side Step, Radio installs, LED Overhead Lighting upgrade, Exterior Lights and Light Bars.  If you want it on your vehicle, we can do it!


Services Offered

BUHN Emergency Vehicles