BUHN Emergency Vehicles

Patient Care: Significantly larger workspace for paramedics to provide pre-hospital care

Ergonomics & Functionality: Better access to compartments and equipment while paramedics remain safely seated; floor significantly lower than any other ambulance in its class aids lifting patients and reduces paramedics’ back strain

Health & Safety: Easy-to-clean, energy-absorbent composite ABS walls are flexible - less likely to cause injury in the event of a collision involving an ambulance

Cab Comfort: Cab design provides more comfortable and functional space for paramedics on stand-by. Full seat movement/recline with storage for personal equipment

Compliance Testing & Certification: 

Compliance and certification testing successfully completed to meet the highest level Ambulance Standards in North America. 

RAM Promaster Crossover

Ford Transit Crossover

Malley Industries offers two great chassis platforms for their revolutionary crossover design.

Malley is the first manufacturer in North America to create a state-of-the-art ambulance using the spacious RAM ProMaster.

This Crossover Ambulance has the capacity to accommodate a bariatric stretcher.

This Type ll van ambulance is the first of its kind to provide interior space comparable to a much larger and more expensive modular ambulance (Type lll).

In consultation with industry stakeholders and paramedics, our innovative research and development team set out to design an ambulance that would:

• Enhance safety and comfort
• Improve access to patients and equipment
• Maximize interior space